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#1416589 Metro - Cincinnati Game Thread

Posted by MetroFever on 21 August 2022 - 09:49 AM

Shep is usually pretty good at breaking down a goal on replays, but he didn't point out that the shortest guy (Tolkin) for some reason is covering the opposing team's tallest guy on a free kick. For some reason, Tolkin stopped marking Miazga and went in pretty much uncontested for the goal.



This match has felt like a baseball game to me. I'm here at the stadium but mostly been drinking and showing memes to my friends. We need to be better


I was at last week's game and a baseball game is a good analogy. I caught myself peeking at my phone a few times. Atmosphere among the fans is poor since the product on the field is noting to be excited about (it didn't help that folks were more interested in their stupid bobblehead doll). There's not a single player you would market the team around.


On TV, we're seeing chunks of empty rows....on a beautiful day in mid-August. This has to be the lowest summer crowd since RBA opened.

#1416068 Red Bull is incompetent

Posted by MetroFever on 14 August 2022 - 12:20 PM

It is no longer enjoyable to come to Red Bull Arena.


There always used to be "Let's go Red Bulls" chants from even the non-supporter groups that would spontaneously pop-up. Don't recall a single one yesterday. Fans got up in the 92nd minute to cheer on the players on a throw-in near the corner flag and that was it. I know it's hard to get behind a team when you know they couldn't score even if the referee added 3 HOURS of stoppage time.


Fans were always late arriving (never understood that), but at least vocal in the past. Nowadays, they're pretty quiet and don't seem as friendly. Used to carry conversations with folks sitting nearby I never met regardless of the section and now I'm met with a puzzled look. Sadly, many adults seemed happy walking out with their bobblehead dolls and probably didn't even remember the score.  :(


I know some fans here would like to start Barlow over Klimala (since he's horrible), but he got a great flick-on near the 6 yard box and couldn't redirect it to the goal. He's the type of player who Eurosnobs (and others) think of when they think of MLS and specifically American players. Wolyniec obviously was not the most technical player, but you always knew he could knock in a goal coming off the bench whether it was pretty or not.


For the past 2 years, you arrive at a home match knowing there is a strong liklihood the team might not even score. There are no stars on the team. Yes, folks know Aaron Long from the USMNT and Coronel is great, but folks don't come to watch the goalkeeper. 


With the team being stingy paying for strikers and midfielders who can actually score and be creative, I'm surprised they got the small crowd they did for a mid-August match...thought it would be even less. The last marquee name was Henry and they haven't tried to get anyone decent afterwards.

#1412159 Metro - Cincinnati Game Thread

Posted by MetroFever on 09 July 2022 - 07:27 PM

Chippy game. If ref doesnt take control of game then someone will get hurt.


He gave a yellow card to FC Cincinnati in the 2nd minute. He's given 4 total and we're not even at halftime yet. I think he's done well so far.

#1411700 Metro - KC Game Thread

Posted by MetroFever on 03 July 2022 - 10:05 PM

I might be in the minority here but tonight I did not mind Klimala going down a couple of times during extra time. That is a cagey way to kill time and get the opponent riled up. ioved seeing Vermes losing his shit with Patrik's theatrics


His stupid stunt did the following:


1) Caused the Red Bulls to be down to 9 players while everyone was scrambling to clear the ball for a corner kick while he was down.

2) Almost caused the Red Bulls to lose the game since Klimala was out during the corner kick where Tolkin cleared the ball from the goal line.

3) Caused ANOTHER 2 minutes of added time to be added on top of the 7 already announced.


This is far from a "cagey" move. Probably the dumbest player on the team.

#1404205 (No) attendance, again

Posted by MetroFever on 20 March 2022 - 02:11 PM

Ironbound youth organization is having a tournament this weekend, so that's about 100 freebie tickets that aren't being used today.


I can't get anyone to go with me to the games any longer. If I bring up Gotham FC, some people are actually interested.


When you watch the other domestic leagues, Champions League matches and then watch this first half which looks like it's being played in slow motion, how to you bring yourself to come to a game?


The traffic situation even with the low crowds is still horrific. If you don't park on the streets, you're going to spend 30-45 minutes stuck in that nearby lot.


Lastly, the last star player was Henry. Are fans going to pay good money to come watch Patryk Klimala?

#1326652 Metro - Worms Game Thread

Posted by MetroFever on 27 May 2018 - 02:53 PM

It's very difficult to play in these conditions if you're not used to it. Weather has been on the cool and rainy side recently, so neither team has had time to have their bodies adjust accordingly.


If you're not used to it, you have guys with rubbery legs and whose decision making is affected as well.


Not making excuses, but that's the reality.

#1303436 Metro - Blue Team Game Thread

Posted by MetroFever on 23 June 2017 - 12:01 PM

Shep Messing just made a live appearance on Channel 7's noon news show. 


Did a good job building up the match by mentioning the 7-0 game, that Red Bull Arena is the best in the country, the best team in the NY/NJ area, etc, and said all the right things. 


Gave weatherman Bill Evans a jersey with his name on it. Not sure if the guy heard of either club before this segment.

#1303372 Politics!

Posted by MetroFever on 22 June 2017 - 12:04 AM

While it's beyond disgraceful that someone like Trump is President, I'm not interested in athletes views.


Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich gives curt one word replies in courtside and postgame interviews, but on political matters, the guy is a chatterbox who you can't get to shut up. I want to hear basketball from a first ballot Hall of Famer about an area he actually is an expert about.

#1301610 Dax traded for $400k allocation

Posted by MetroFever on 18 May 2017 - 12:13 AM

I was hoping Dax would score a hat trick on his return and stick it to Jesse. Glad he got an assist out of it at least.


Sacha is not a team leader like Dax was. His idea of being a team leader when the team is losing is to commit stupid yellow cards, argue with the referees over obvious fouls and tangle with opposing players off the ball. Surprised that a guy with his background has such a temperament. The stats don't show how much he meant to the team.


I'm well aware what Jesse's reasoning supposedly was in making the trade....but it was still a disaster of a trade.

#1299984 Bad attendance and atmosphere

Posted by MetroFever on 16 April 2017 - 02:35 PM

Unfortunately, the Red Bulls hire a bunch of kids in their ticket office.


One is someone whose sole  responsibility is youth soccer ticket sales. How do you think that's going so far with all of the empty seats this season  :wacko:? He has no experience in the real workforce other than being an intern with the team. 


They're very nice kids who have something impressive to show on their resume to their next prospective employer. However,  you need to be able to network with these youth clubs, create relationships, come out to their games, etc. I'm not sure how much credibility you're going to have when you're not that much older than the youth players you're trying to market to and don't have the experience to deal with much older folks in person, other than pitching them tickets over the phone as a teenage intern. 


How many of you have children or have friends that do in one of the THOUSANDS of youth soccer teams in NJ? It's like shooting fish in a barrel. Despite that, the number of kids at Red Bull games is astonishingly low.


If they were serious, they'd hire folks with some experience (even taking into consideration their low salary). They won't because those who are in a position to hire don't want to get someone who could eventually be a threat to their own job.

#1299263 Petke coached RSL

Posted by MetroFever on 30 March 2017 - 03:46 PM

It's not really a hot take. I always thought it was assumed that Petke was the man motivator and Fraser was the X's and O's guy behind the scenes.


.....and this is the reason he was dismissed. 


Marsch was a clear upgrade (even though his playoff coaching the past two years hasn't been any better than Petke so far). Petke was seen as a "rah-rah" youth-like coach who benefitted from a good roster.


For some guys, being an assistant for only two years before being promoted is enough. In his case, I think he would have benefitted from being as assistant a bit longer under a coach other than Backe.


Seems like he wasn't prepared for the question about formations. Otherwise, he's reinforcing the perception that he's far from a master tactician. 


I admire that the guy stood up to Henry and told him to cut out the nonsense. Most guys in their first coaching gig in MLS would have never done that.

#1298292 Dax traded for $400k allocation

Posted by MetroFever on 18 March 2017 - 12:22 AM

They got along fine as teammates, otherwise he might go out of his way to remind the team that both goals in the opening game came after Davis was subbed.


Too many intagibles from Dax that don't show up in the boxscore. Underappreciated by the head coach and many of the fans, but the opposing players all respect him.


Hope he starts in the next USMNT qualifier. 

#1298291 Bad attendance and atmosphere

Posted by MetroFever on 18 March 2017 - 12:14 AM

Yankees have dropping attendance. Mets have empty seats. Jets don't sell out. Isles and NJD usually have terrible attendance. Nets left when tickets were a buck on StubHub. This area is not a sports hot bed.

I'm going with the assumption that the Red Bulls fans who think this area is a huge "sports town" weren't alive or were too young to remember the 70's and 80's.
In the 70's, you had real Yankee fans at games. In the 80's, Giants Stadium was rocking and fans were up on every defensive stand and Shea Stadium was the place to be. In the late 90's, the sports enthusiasm started to wane.
The NY Giants fan base is the most loyal in the area...period. But yet, there were THOUSANDS of empty seats at each of the two games I've been to the last two years. CHUNKS of empty seats that the cameras never show you (everyone notice how they rarely give wide crowd shots at sporting events like they did in the old days?).
When the camera pans to the few cheap seats at Yankee Stadium, folks are bored to tears and swiping away at their iPhones or bullshitting with the person next to them.
The Brooklyn Nets were supposed to rival the Knicks as far as ticket sales, but MSG continues to sellout and the crowd at Barclays Center is not any greater than it was at the Meadowlands Arena. Gosh, weren't folks from Brooklyn all going to come out (even though they suck as bad as the Knicks) because this is a huge sports town?
At Red Bull games, at least 30% of the crowd is gone by the 85th minute? You mean, you took the train all the way here just so that you can miss a potential exciting ending to save time on your commute  :blink:? In that case, stay home.
We USED to be a huge sports town. Now, the guy that sits next to you doesn't know most of the players on the team and is too busy posting on Facebook Live that he's at the game, instead of actually watching it.

#1285597 Metro - Montreal Game Thread

Posted by MetroFever on 14 August 2016 - 02:22 PM

The head clash with Collin and Lawrence should be used in training classes on what NOT to do.


The Red Bulls trainer focused his entire attention to Lawrence since he initially came out looking the worst of the two. Fine. However, he did nothing to check up on Collin other than offer a water bottle.


After he walks away with Lawrence, players from both teams could see Collin is clearly "out of it", where even the referee gets involved. The guy is still in the game for some reason. Once the Red Bulls cleared the ball out after the restart, I see him with his arm up to the bench to signal to get him out from my seat. While watching Grella's shot, the next thing I know is he's down at midfield. Especially after the guy got elbowed in the head by Drogba in the first half, that was inexcusable.


Also, regarding an earlier post where someone said that they listened to the Red Bulls radio post-game show where they claimed he had no concussion? I've got to imagine the announcer mispoke or someone on the Red Bulls organization handled the situation wrong and gave out incorrect info. Further symptoms of a concussion may not be apparent until the following day. Very irresponsible on how the whole thing happened.


By the way, it took this game for some of you to finally realize that Veron is a ball hog???  :blink:  :D

#1285202 Metro - LA Game Thread

Posted by MetroFever on 07 August 2016 - 11:20 PM

Zizzo lost the ball at midfield that led to the tying goal. That was a foul.