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In Topic: Metro - Vancouver Game Thread

Today, 08:58 AM

wait until tomorrow night ~1 hour before kickoff and log on to stubhub.  the prices will probably drop to single digits by then (+ fees)

In Topic: Let's Go Mets!

Today, 08:48 AM

i am convinced the Mets signed a deal with the Devil in order to have the ball go through Buckner's legs in '86.  Everything else since then is a direct result of that incident. And some of it even rubbed off on us (Mets...Metros...maybe the Devil can't spell). 

In Topic: Players absent during Gold Cup

Yesterday, 01:28 PM

i am actually feeling ok about that lineup, except lade.  i know MLS doesn't do a full break during gold cup, but i think at most we would see that lineup for 1-2 games until we start getting people back

In Topic: Metro - Vancouver Game Thread

Yesterday, 10:52 AM

hoping for this:








Let's not trot out the entire same starting 11 again - need some rotation for the midweek games

In Topic: Metro - Atlanta Game Thread

Yesterday, 10:01 AM

haven't seen the stadium rocking like that for any team outside of Blue team. DC is our historical rival, but over the past couple of seasons, ATL has supplanted them.