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#1365296 MLS, Red Bulls and Coronavirus

Posted by General Robles on 21 May 2020 - 01:34 PM

I also like Cuomo and in the press conferences but the nursing home thing is massive.  Most of the deaths of this damn virus is in Nursing homes so protecting them is everything.  A vast, vast majority of people manage with this just fine.  


As far as I see, some states didn't have Covid patients being admitted to nursing homes so it's clearly a state by state decision.  If that's the case, then the governors that did the wrong deserve every bit of shit coming their way and the governors who did the right thing deserve to be recognized.


And Murphy gets lumped in with Cuomo on the nursing home debacle. 

#1365109 MLS, Red Bulls and Coronavirus

Posted by General Robles on 08 May 2020 - 06:53 PM

That was in the headline of the article I linked!

Thats what I get for not opening the link!

#1364869 MLS Cup is now an MMA tournament, each team chooses one fighter

Posted by General Robles on 17 April 2020 - 01:51 PM

If we're throwing out former players, Olave would be up there for me. 

#1364029 All coronavirus-related arguing

Posted by General Robles on 20 March 2020 - 03:17 PM

Im positive for COVID-19. I found out my results on Tuesday. Let me tell you: it sucks.

I have been sick for six days, but luckily have been spared the worst symptoms. My pulmonologist started me on Kaletra and Plaquenil immediately (in fact, he starred me on the Kaletra before I even had my positive test results, because I am in an at-risk category). I have no doubt that this timely intervention was key to minimizing my symptoms. I had developed difficultly breathing and a fever, which the drugs seem to have sorted out. Not everyone has access to such exceptional care, sadly. So, others will not be so lucky.

However, its been no walk in the park. Ive had diarrhea since Sunday, am constantly achy and can barely keep my eyes open. No amount of sleep does any good. So, please, do what you can to: a) avoid getting it yourself; and b) avoid passing it on to others who might be more at risk than you are.


Sorry to hear. Hope you get back to normal very soon. 

#1363946 MLS game rebroadcasting

Posted by General Robles on 19 March 2020 - 09:56 AM

MLS soccer will be rebroadcasting games


NY vs. LA (Aug 18, 2007) - “Beckham NY Debut” 


I was at that game.  One of the most entertaining games I have ever seen live.  


Upstate Fan said - an we just have 7-0 on a loop?


What game would you like to see re-broadcast?  and why?



Would love to re-watch both of the above, as well as some of the more recent and memorable playoff wins. BWP's game winning header versus SKC and the 2 times we knocked out DC come to mind first. 

#1363908 All coronavirus-related arguing

Posted by General Robles on 18 March 2020 - 11:30 AM

Yeah I don't get all the Trump hate, other than the usual bitter and insecure left-wing crybabies acting like they always do in trying to find something to blame him for.

No country has handled the outbreak successfully. If Obama or Bush were still president, or even if Hillary was president, they would have fucked up too like everyone else around the world. Bernie Sanders and Biden wouldn't have been able to fully contain it early either.



The volume of people blaming him for things will decrease when he stops creating reasons to be blamed. If you want your president to behave like a complete and utter buffoon every time he opens his mouth or picks up his phone, deal with the consequences. He called this a hoax 3 weeks ago. Enough with the attempts at drawing false equivalencies. Nobody behaves like this. You don't get a free pass for "nobody would handle this any better" when you come out of the gate with that type of bullshit. 

#1363765 MLS, Red Bulls and Coronavirus

Posted by General Robles on 15 March 2020 - 09:56 PM

I hope folks do realize that Italians are heavy smokers which could lead to skewing the numbers of the recent deaths due to coronavirus. Its not that easy to say that this virus is a death sentence just yet. The numbers are not there and even with some of the more infected areas, like China or Iran, will fudge their numbers. The lack of viable tests also doesnt help to properly diagnose folks who may test positive. I guess best bet is to listen to our local governments and stay indoors, for the foreseeable future, with avoiding social contact and large crowds. Just err on the side of caution and hopefully this will all die out and we can look back at how dumb we looked at this situation.

That is certainly true of Italy and a valid point. However, as Sabremike alluded to above, the US has a close to, if not equally, as dangerous problem with obesity. Especially in people above 40. Therefore, I dont think the numbers in Italy will be all that skewed when trying to draw a comparison to the US.

#1363718 MLS, Red Bulls and Coronavirus

Posted by General Robles on 15 March 2020 - 11:45 AM

People aren't going to stay home though, regardless of what people say on the internet. There's no point trying to preach to everyone who doesn't think exactly like you. You can only control what you do, that's it.

It seems like American society is currently splitting into two groups...

Group A: The panic group. "America is doomed!" they say, because Italy. They assume the coronavirus is crawling around everywhere and is ready to infect anyone who steps outside their front door. They sit in their homes all day self-quarantining and justify their hysteria through a diet of clickbaity news articles and social media chatter from other fellow alarmists. They try to preach to everyone else to do exactly what they are doing, somehow believing all others will listen. They left their homes recently only to panic buy items from grocery stores, but if they went outside more, they might find themselves becoming more of a member of...

Group B: The group that is vigilant about their hygiene and handwashing habits, but also going about their normal lives to the best of their ability. This group gets outside and realizes there is a world beyond the bubble that Group A members are trapped in, and understand that while coronavirus is out there in the wild, the overall number of cases worldwide remains incredibly low compared to overall population. Like for example, cronavirus currently has infected only .00035% of Italy's population, and .00003% of NYC's. These people don't fully buy into the noise coming out of Group A -- and it's not hard to see why.

Once again, omitting a HUGE gray area in between those. Life doesnt fit neatly into 2 opposing buckets all the time.

#1363708 MLS, Red Bulls and Coronavirus

Posted by General Robles on 14 March 2020 - 10:27 PM

The test was always going to come back negative. No matter what.

Reported by the White House. Yea, I bet hes negative.

#1363535 MLS, Red Bulls and Coronavirus

Posted by General Robles on 11 March 2020 - 10:06 PM

A great endorsement of private industry and limited federal government.

Or a statement that we need a better federal government.

#1362946 Not renewing season tickets

Posted by General Robles on 04 March 2020 - 12:48 PM

I stand corrected. My eyes deceived me.

Well, the fake number is the 15k. Actual attendance appeared to be 10k or so, from my perspective. However, I'm often wrong. 

#1362780 Metro - Cincy Game Thread

Posted by General Robles on 01 March 2020 - 09:03 PM

System will carry us into the post season I'm guessing, but Armas still sucks. White was useless today but I'm not that concerned. Weird seeing our GK wearing a hat. Worst home opener crowd I've seen I think. Team didn't seem to care either and skipped the pyro. New PA announcer sucks as well, very awkward guy.

I think the Colorado home opener a few years ago, when it was insanely cold and windy, was worse attended

#1362622 Davis named captain

Posted by General Robles on 29 February 2020 - 10:54 PM

I really think this is getting overblown. Davis was a fine choice, based on our crop of options. Nobody really stuck out. Theres a reason the captains armband gets passed on, once the captain is subbed off. Its really just the responsibility of communicating with the refs. This isnt baseball, where the captaincy is a sacred honor passed on to only club legends.

#1362523 Stadium updates

Posted by General Robles on 28 February 2020 - 06:36 PM

We have a better chance of winning the MLS cup this year than that happening lol they want people spending money, not getting absolutely fall down shit faced lol

Not to mention that wouldnt even be legal.

#1362398 Stadium updates

Posted by General Robles on 27 February 2020 - 03:11 PM

IMO, if you live in those buildings - going to a game is 100% on you. The stadium is literally right there.


I find it fascinating that one could be a soccer fan, or even a sports fan in general, live literally next door to a venue, and never attend a single game. 


It absolutely blows my mind, especially considering how affordable it is.