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In Topic: Thelwell offseason press conference

Yesterday, 09:59 PM

Whether he was hired before or not, the "eye for talent" Thelwell supposedly has certainly did not materialize in MLS yet.

I give Thelwell a complete and total pass. 2020 was a complete write-off. COVID disrupted everything.

In Topic: Thelwell offseason press conference

Yesterday, 09:57 PM

But Struber coached Tetteh before, in a system like ours.  Shouldn't have been questionable at all.  He should have known very well what kind of fit he would be. 

i think the question with Tetteh wasnt one of fit, but rather fitness.

In Topic: BWP signs with LAFC

02 December 2020 - 06:30 PM

He's better than every other striker on the roster..

So is Dom Dwyer...and five years younger than BWP at 30. Free agent.

In Topic: Random Player Name Thread 2021

02 December 2020 - 03:55 PM

Dom Dwyer?

In Topic: Bleeding talent

29 November 2020 - 09:59 PM

I just showed you a link where Taxi literally said he just wanted a raise. This was before he was released. Be open minded and consider evidence at hand. Sounds like your mind is made up, and you are too stubborn to look at actual facts.
As far as Sims, no one is debating he would have stayed if not for COVID. I am pointing out he was benched even before COVID though as an example of not using the talent we have. Murillo's train wreck I feel had a lot to do with Armas. The guy was a star before Armas in MLS and star after in Europe. There is no denying of his talent.

Taxi basically got a new contract every year. Every year hed get a raise, then wed resign Parker, Long, etc., for more money and hed demand an increase again. Plus he did nothing his final season with the club. Get over it.