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In Topic: The Coronavirus Thread

28 May 2020 - 12:19 PM

They better not erase our undefeated record!


(and blue poseurs 0-2...)

I think every team is on 2 games, so it should stay. 

In Topic: The Coronavirus Thread

24 May 2020 - 02:07 PM



Looks like the 5 group stage matches will count towards the regular season.  I'd prefer that they just go there and knock out 7 to 8 regular season games for each team and then come home without any knockout stage.  If you want to make the cup mean something, I agree with what others have said about attaching a CCL spot to it.  Maybe take away the spot that goes to the regular season conference winner that isn't the Supporter Shield winner?  I imagine USSF won't agree to getting rid of the spot for the open cup winner.

In Topic: The Coronavirus Thread

14 May 2020 - 02:57 PM

I truly do not understand why you would go out of your way to get all the teams down there and have it be a tournament that doesnt count for anything.  Just let it be regular season games.  I understand that they are still holding out for games at the actual stadiums but those will most likely be behind closed doors anyways. 

In Topic: Leagues Cup 2020

18 April 2020 - 12:42 PM

I hope this thing is still on...

This is more of a priority for the league than the open cup, so I think so.  However, youll no longer have the plus of getting Liga MX fans into the seats with playing in empty stadiums, so I cant see it making the leagues any money this year.  

In Topic: All coronavirus-related arguing

09 April 2020 - 12:40 PM

That IMHE model has turned out to be inaccurate garbage though. On Monday this week they were claiming the peak would be April 16 for New Jersey, now at this moment they are saying April 11. It's state death figures also keep getting revised downward as officials are coming out on a daily basis reporting lower body counts than what that model has been estimating for its means.

Last weekend it said 93k deaths in the US, then on Sunday it dropped to 82k, then it dropped to 60k on Wednesday. I'm very happy the number has fallen that much but it's proving the model is just a hot mess. You really can't rely upon it for anything, other than an example of how off some of these doom and gloom estimates can be.

I don't think it was garbage.  The model just gets more accurate with the more data it gets.  In the beginning of the pandemic, you were looking at a wider range of possibilities.  Now with more data, you are getting a more narrow and precise prediction.