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Some people do not understand that California has twice the population of Florida

22 February 2021 - 01:28 PM

Don't care since I don't plan on attending either way but just surprised that NJ isn't requiring negative tests since Murphy and Cuomo have been on the same page about a lot of this stuff.

Not requiring the pricey tests is probably a relief for Red Bull. I doubt anybody is going to pay Nets-style testing prices to watch Barlow and Clark as the marquee players.

In Florida I don't think they have the tests and it doesn't appear to be an issue there. They have been having games this entire time and are recording fewer covid positives than pro-lockdown states like New York.

Even in NYC, not sure if you have been out lately but restaurants/breweries are clearly ignoring the 25% capacity limit since they have been so decimated by the lockdowns and are trying to recoup their losses. I've seen places myself over the last week stuffed with what had to be at least 75% indoor dining/taproom capacity. I think the owners realize the liquor authority or health inspectors aren't going to stop by in 30-degree snowy weather for an impromptu check and are just seating everyone that comes though the door.

The state already has too many issues to take care of. And despite all this going on, the positive cases are declining in NY too.

Jorgensen loaned out to some Danish club

08 December 2020 - 07:46 AM

Jorgensen now loaned out to some Danish club: https://www.agf.dk/k...ber/joergensen/

When will the strikers score a goal or get an assist this year?

03 September 2020 - 09:19 AM

Barlow - 9 apps, no goals or assists
White - 5 apps, no goals or assists
Jorgensen - 3 apps, no goals or assists

Surely Barlow is finished getting starts? Not sure how the front office (Thelwell, Hamlett, Armas) thinks the club can win games with strikers that statistically do nothing.

Has there ever been a Red Bulls team less exciting to watch?

26 August 2020 - 02:01 PM

In terms how excited you are to tune into the games, where would you rank this season's squad so far? I'm talking about overall interest, not win/loss record.

To me it's got to be the worst I can remember as a fan.

Looking back at some of the teams from yesteryear, you could count on players like Henry, Cahill (before he turned into an asshole), Luyindula, JPA, Sam, Grella, Robles, BWP, Miazga, Adams, Kljestan, Adams, Olave, Lawrence, old Long, etc. to do something special offensively or defensively most games.

This year it seems like Royer and Kaku are the only skill players close to the aforementioned group but they are less exciting. And the rest of team does nothing for me in terms of interest. I'm hoping Yearwood and Tetteh do well, but they don't seem like world beaters, so I don't see much changing.