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In Topic: Hamlett is in so far over his head

Today, 08:14 AM

Wrap your head around this: Robert Kraft (aka: the poster child for slumlord MLS owners) is actually spending money to try and win and we won't.

In Topic: Metro - Toronto Game Thread

Today, 12:08 AM

Or Tim Ream - usually very good to excellent but 1-2 gaffes per game

Thought we had momentum to tie with the goal and then the subs. Sunk by individual mistakes on top of goal of the month from Altidore .

Comparing Murillo to Ream would be like comparing Vlad Suckbotka to Danny Briere.

In Topic: Metro - Toronto Game Thread

Yesterday, 08:48 PM

Murillo has officially reached Juan Petrovello levels of total suck. I wish I had the power to wish the guy into a corn field like in the Twilight Zone. At least Forge took care of Halifax so my night didn't totally suck.

In Topic: Metro - Toronto Game Thread

Yesterday, 08:32 PM

Is there a reason other than Armas being dumb that Hatian Messi didn't start?

In Topic: Metro - Toronto Game Thread

Yesterday, 08:31 PM

Just a reminder: we sold our best player (and if you don't think Tyler was our best player last year watch a random game from last year and watch one from this year) for a pittance and used it on a guy who isn't good enough for MLS.