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In Topic: RBA can be loud AF

27 March 2020 - 02:11 PM

pretty loud this day!




Cold and Glorious day

In Topic: Some people want to debate politics and healthcare

27 March 2020 - 01:58 PM

Take off your tin foil hat

you first



BLewis wassup!!

In Topic: Some people want to debate politics and healthcare

27 March 2020 - 01:19 PM

I'm predicting we are going to hear more about when US sports leagues will resume again by the end of next week, maybe even some actual dates.

Rents are due across the country on Wednesday, so a lot of recently unemployed people and businesses owners are going to start loudly freaking out after their bank accounts take a big hit. The national narrative is going to then shift to when these stay in place orders will be lifted and things will start running normally again.

The way society is going now (the scientific approach where everything is closed indefinitely and the economy is completely ignored, because money apparently grows on trees) can't continue much longer. It just doesn't work. The politicians have tried to downplay it but they aren't going to be able to ignore it anymore starting next week.

sure - 

there is no economy when there are 100K+/1M millions sick and or in the hospital

In Topic: MLS game rebroadcasting

27 March 2020 - 08:02 AM

10 years ago RBA opened!


2013 Shield match





U18 v Argentina full team





kaku top 10 https://twitter.com/...8673121280?s=20

#4 is just WOW - its about 4 highlights in 1 8 second series

In Topic: MLS, Red Bulls and Coronavirus

22 March 2020 - 07:37 PM

Man, i need some soccer in my life. I just finished watched "The curse of caricola" on youtube.

A lot of VIPs were on that bRoadcast.

FS1 2018 World Cup final replay