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In Topic: West Ham bid for Long rejected?

Today, 08:21 AM

I don't see why we as fans should worry about him potentially getting butthurt over not moving to the EPL. That's something Long should think about, not us.

Once again, your attitude is the exact problem I was initially referencing. You really cant fathom why we should worry about Longs aspirations? Its about the message it sends, not whether or not someone is getting their feelings hurt.

In Topic: West Ham bid for Long rejected?

Yesterday, 09:59 PM

An opinion that the Red Bulls front office should operate by a different set of principles and have more competent people running the show is not an argument for how selling Aaron Long will improve the team. 
Even if selling Long will help give the team a reputation as a good place for talent to develop, such a reputation is absolutely worthless if the team is not going to actually spend to bring in talent to replace the players sold. The argument is essentially, sell good players to make yourself attractive to good players in the future.  If the team has no interest in spending to bring in good players, you are essentially selling good players for no benefit (except possibly Red Bull's corporate balance sheet). 
Once again, selling Long only makes sense if you believe that Denis Hamlett and the powers that be will use the money to at least bring in talent that will keep the team at the same level.  There is absolutely no reason to believe the team will do that. 
The team already needs to bring in a starting striker and a starting defensive midfielder.  Adding a starting centerback to that list just makes the task of improving the team even more difficult for a front office who's abilities instill very little confidence. 

I understand your point and its a fair one, but I still think the two points are intertwined in the same discussion. At face value, no, of course the team isnt better by selling Long and backfilling him with existing roster players. But, what is really the long term gain of keeping Long, who may now become frustrated/disappointed in his EPL aspirations being roadblocked, on a team that does not have the look of a legitimate contender anyway? You make the point that the team wont reinvest the transfer fee anyway, which is a very legitimate concern, but there is a broader scope to that discussion. The philosophy is not only to attract higher price tag, ready to contribute players, but also youth to build up our pipeline and develop in house.

In Topic: West Ham bid for Long rejected?

Yesterday, 05:58 PM

Do you really think if they sold Long that Hamlett would bring in an equal or close-to-equal replacement?


No I don't, but that's not the point. The issue is with the following statement: "even if he bitches and moans and makes the club look undesirable for other players". That's a shitty approach that will lead to things getting way worse, rather than better. 

In Topic: West Ham bid for Long rejected?

Yesterday, 01:02 PM

Keep Long until his contract expires, even if he bitches and moans and makes the club look undesirable for other players to come to.

If they sell at any price, Hamlett 100 percent will never fill the gap Long would leave.

Pushing for him to be sold is like asking the club to let him walk for free. You know Red Bull will simply pocket the cash like they did for Adams and Murillo.


That type of shortsighted, stubborn attitude makes me very grateful that you're not our Sporting Director. And our Sporting Director is Denis Hamlett, so that says a lot. 

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14 January 2020 - 04:03 PM

Edison Flores to the Scum