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In Topic: I'm OK with this approach

Today, 01:59 PM

5 guys competing for 2 striker spots: Royer Tetteh While Barlow Jorgen$en


6 guys competing for 2 attacking mid spots: Kaku Valot Rza Omir Stroud Mines


4 guys competing for 2 CDM/CM spots: Dru Davis Casseres Lema


So...what's the best front 6?

4231 please



Royer Kaku Valot

Yearwood CCJ


Guessing that at least initially both new guys would be on the bench, but would be starting within 3-5 games if fit.

In Topic: I'm OK with this approach

Today, 12:20 PM

It seems like an obvious option. They've already been vetted by scouts in our organization and are familiar with "the system" for better or worse.

Despite this, how many players have come via this route in the last 10+ years? Tetteh? Rza? Oebster? I know it's not that many.

Gulbrandsen, Damari. Royer probably via Austrian connection though never played for RB. Sekagya and Schopp in the early years.


Today, 10:48 AM

Some of my favourite Muyl highlights:

An assist that even Henry or Xavi would be proud of, and one of BWP's classic finishes as a bonus: https://twitter.com/...270244950167552

Maybe our most recent headed goal from a corner (?), vs DC in 2017: https://twitter.com/...410836257361920

One of many nails in the NYCFC coffin during the Red Wedding: https://twitter.com/...938564538032129

Probably his best finish in a RB jersey, with a left-footed rising shot in the near top corner, against NYCFC again: https://m.facebook.c...393326354246270

And an obligatory Muylesque control and finish from inches out (a rare and beautiful build from the back NYRB goal - notice Sacha's blind pass for the hockey assist): https://twitter.com/...369971957022720

In Topic: Samuel Tetteh To New York Red Bulls

Today, 09:03 AM

[...] we gave away Adams to Leipzig for probably 1/3 or 1/4 of what we could have sold him for.

Speculation/revisionist history. There were no other offers for Adams at the time. If another team was willing to buy Adams for more money than RBL, but he went to Leipzig anyway, the other team would've complained to UEFA or at least to anyone who'd listen.


Yesterday, 04:43 PM

Exactly. Surprised to see so many people acting like he is a big loss.This is exactly the type of thing that needs to happen to move team in the right direction. I like Muyl, always rooted for him but he wasn't going to develop further and certainly wasn't going to be an integral part of a championship team. We need to improve this roster, this would be a step in that direction as long as the guys we bring in are better than Muyl-types. This all makes sense to me. 


Keep it coming, would love to see Barlow moved next.

I don't think anyone is saying trading Muyl is a big loss or that he would develop into an MLS superstar, but having him as the 2nd or 3rd winger off the bench is probably better than losing for (almost?) nothing. Of course salary considerations, bringing more better players and Omir/Stroud contributing more than Muyl are possible, but the latter two are far from certain. Anyway, done deal and hoping Thelwell does a good job. Still, Muyl will be missed, by some anyway.


Surprised that you'd WANT Barlow gone, he's very cheap and young and again not bad as a 4th/5th striker option.