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#1377774 Pol Fernandez?

Posted by TK_RBNY on 21 January 2021 - 02:12 PM

Would we really buy a 29 year old?

Like I mentioned in another thread they were linked to Ilori (27) and Fede Cartabia (27) this transfer window. Dont think the reporter would just BS the link.

#1377760 Parker could be, and is, traded

Posted by TK_RBNY on 21 January 2021 - 11:15 AM

I can understand and accept that, but I don't have to like it!
I think there's value in having experienced players who are "winners" on the team. Guys who have been in highly competitive situations before and came out on top.
After he left NY, BWP was asked on the Footy Talks podcast about Red Bull's playoff struggles and his suggestion was essentially that we were too young to handle the the pressure of a playoff run.
I think the turnover is way too quick, you know, not just because Ive gone now, began the familiar refrain. I think theyre just a little bit too quick to let players go when its more about the age than what they can do on the pitch. I think the way they play, the system is unbelievable But I think it will be tough for them to win a MLS Cup against what other teams are doing I think it puts way too much pressure on the young guys to come in and win a trophy, win a cup.

While most of the players weve been linked to so far have been 21 and under our head of sport and coach have said that they value experience.

They tried to loan in a 27 year old Ilori and were at least somewhat interested in a 27 year old Cartabia, so while the Red Bull model is well established I think there is more opportunity to acquire players outside of the restrictions than there has been in the past.

#1377542 Parker could be, and is, traded

Posted by TK_RBNY on 18 January 2021 - 08:44 PM

If we trade Parker for the #2 draft pick, and nothing else...

I really doubt that, unless Hamlett is negotiating the trade.

#1377533 Andres Reyes In

Posted by TK_RBNY on 18 January 2021 - 07:48 PM

Possible that Nacional didnt ask for that much considering they had a deal fall through to sell him to Europe?

Since Miami was either obligated to pick up the option or return him, maybe RBNY had more wiggle room to negotiate.

#1377522 Parker could be, and is, traded

Posted by TK_RBNY on 18 January 2021 - 06:44 PM

Houston traded Struna to MTL and are super thin at CB, but Id imagine most MLS teams would salivate at the thought of having a domestic non NT player like Parker on their rosters.

Hopefully the interest can help RBNY drive the price up and they can get high 6 figures worth of allocation money if they  want to pull the trigger on a trade.

#1377487 Kaku out?

Posted by TK_RBNY on 18 January 2021 - 11:57 AM

Rbny could also play shitty games by sending him to rb 2, and benching him. Wouldnt be good for his International career, fitness or future career earnings

Players you want to bring in take notice of stuff like that.

#1377363 Haksabanovic linked to Red Bull, apparently to us

Posted by TK_RBNY on 15 January 2021 - 03:01 PM

Im happy I was wrong to be skeptical. Exciting move

#1377287 Will (when) we sign new players?

Posted by TK_RBNY on 14 January 2021 - 09:26 AM

its really hard to get players who are starting or rotational starters at their clubs after end of Jan because most teams would want to get a replacement.  While we for sure will get some Yearwood situation guys, ideally want one DP who's coming from a situation where they are playing some.  So in my book Thelwell has two weeks before i start getting pissed.

Yeah this is where I am at for the same reasons. Someone who is an important contributor for their team isnt leaving unless a replacement has already been signed, the team is looking to cash in, or they have recently fallen out of favor/have an expiring contract in their current situation.

With their sole focus on Europe, some movement before the end of the month would be nice.

#1377160 Will (when) we sign new players?

Posted by TK_RBNY on 10 January 2021 - 11:12 AM

What does this mean? Thelwell was only hired a year ago and has only actually been in New York for six months. There has been a global pandemic the entire time which has impacted all of professional soccer. What are you blaming Thelwell for? In my view he is only now really running things.

Im not blaming him for anything. Im saying he has to clean up the mess and deal with the ire of whatever is left of a mostly apathetic fanbase.

#1377146 Will (when) we sign new players?

Posted by TK_RBNY on 09 January 2021 - 05:46 PM

3 of the top 5 carousel items on the RBNY app (at least on the Android version) are of our eMLS guy. The others are "how to use the app" and about Robles retiring.

This team is such a snoozefest.

They dont know how to engage their fans.

Can only speak for myself but outside of the quality of the squad, rumors and signings during transfer windows, RB2, some academy stuff, and matches, I dont care much about the rest of the nonsense.

#1377134 Hamlett is in so far over his head

Posted by TK_RBNY on 08 January 2021 - 07:48 PM

We currently have promoted a third string keeper this offseason and still haven't replaced most players we let go in 2019, nevermind 2020.

Our USL team currently has two players signed for 2021.

For 2021, I wish all of you the job security that Denis Hamlett has had. Even hope you get a new boss that does your job.

Thelwell is giving the talk on being a sporting director, for all intents and purposes it is his job.


Hamlett likely has very little role outside of maybe some scouting, MLS rules, and an extra pair of ears and eyes on decisions.

Whatever happens this offseason falls on Thelwell and Red Bull, but yeah if Hamlett cant execute his job as rules guru he needs to go.

#1377112 Ghanaian-English striker Omar Bogle

Posted by TK_RBNY on 07 January 2021 - 06:21 PM

While he did have better stats, didnt most of us say, Who?! upon acquiring Luke Rodgers?

Different league than 10 years ago and theres no Thierry Henry on RBNY at present to elevate performances of teammates.

Its all moot anyway since the rumor is BS.

#1377102 Ghanaian-English striker Omar Bogle

Posted by TK_RBNY on 07 January 2021 - 02:21 PM

This one is over already, which is good.


Looks like the original source was someones FIFA21 career mode.

#1377048 MLS U22 player rule still included in revised CBA

Posted by TK_RBNY on 06 January 2021 - 05:44 PM

The terms of the deal would also keep in place plans for an under-22 player initiative set to begin in the 2021 season, the source said. That new discretionary spending category would allow teams to sign up to three players under the age of 22 with no limitations on acquisition costs, as long as the players salary is less than the maximum budget charge, which is set to be $612,500 in 2021. The under-22 initiative player signings would then be counted at a reduced budget charge similar to young designated players

From the Athletic

Full article if you have a subscription


#1376998 Haksabanovic linked to Red Bull, apparently to us

Posted by TK_RBNY on 05 January 2021 - 04:10 PM