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In Topic: FCC Expansion Draft

Today, 07:52 AM

I've seen a couple people elsewhere suggest leaving BWP and Kaku unprotected because they don't think FCC wants to spend money on a DP.

If we lose either one of those on this mickey mouse league mechanism, I will lose it.

As would I, but doubt this happens. FCC reserves the right to negotiate after drafting a player. Also, nothing to prevent taking the player and trading them away right away for a boatload of GAM/TAM for a team willing to pay DP salaries.

Still dont understand the need for the Expansion Draft. Give the Expansion teams $500k of additional GAM and let them trade it if they want MLS players.

In Topic: Adams to Leipzig official

Yesterday, 03:58 PM

Leipzig just sold a guy to Liverpool for a buttload of money, did they not? They are a selling team, like 90% of the teams of the world.

Naby Keita: $60M (£53M).

Keep in mind, Keita was fed from Salzburg to Leipzig (minus some time prior to RB in Ligue 2) so this isn't completely out of the question for a future move although Keita isn't getting a ton of playing time with Liverpool.

In Topic: Who to root for in MLS Cup 2018?

Yesterday, 12:57 PM

Miles Joseph is an assistant to Gio (the Ref screwed us) Savarese.

The always reliable piece of sht @MLSTransfers posted "Also, I find no coincidence that Saverese and Joseph Miles are both former Metro".

POS can't even get the name right of a guy who played over 120 MLS games, had a couple of USMNT caps and has served as the primary assistant for Orlando, NYCFC, RSL and Portland in a lame jab at us.

In Topic: 2019 CONCACAF Champions League Thread

Yesterday, 06:36 AM

Yes. Do we have any academy kids instead of lade??

A few kids outside of Duncan and Yanes. Kevin O'Toole, Marcelo Borges, Jared Juleau and a very young Amir Daley would be the top prospects.

Chris Gloster (Hannover 96) and Noah Powder (Orange County SC in USL) would have been nice additions.

We depleted our USL outside backs:
Ethan Kutler started most games with Lucas Stauffer backing him up. Allen Yanes locked down the left back role with Niko de Vera and Lucas Stauffer stepping in. Andrew Lombard was such a hot prospect a handful of years ago, but injuries have knocked him out of any consideration.
Every one of those guys is no longer with the team (although Yanes will likely sign a first team deal).

In Topic: Who to root for in MLS Cup 2018?

08 December 2018 - 09:58 PM

Fox cameraman making his soccer debut today and seems overly interested in the zoom feature of the camera.