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In Topic: Kaku got out

Yesterday, 07:02 PM

Will this be resolved by 4/17?


In Topic: This offseason is not a shitshow

Yesterday, 07:02 PM

Depends on your objectives.

I want to win MLS Cup.

So IMO this roster is a fucking dumpster fire full of shit.

In Topic: Haksabanovic linked to Red Bull, apparently to us

07 March 2021 - 03:05 PM

Every time I see posts like this, it leads me to believe that our fanbase is deluded enough to believe that there is a scrooge mcduck type tower of money somewhere, and that RBNY should just run there to pluck an extra million dollars to buy a new player because "our owner is rich".

In the real world, each division of Red Bull (soccer,, drinks, formula 1) has its own independent operating budget, regardless of how "rich" our owner is. And if we already blew several million dollars in failed transfers recently (Kaku, Jorgy) then you can understand why Red Bull global doesn't give its sports teams free reign to spend whatever they want.

I think we are fully aware that the funding for our club is shit.

The argument is that the current level of funding does not have to be shit. Corporate could upgrade it from shit to...not shit. Or they could sell and perhaps we could get a new owner who upgrades us from shit.

In Topic: Will (when) we sign new players?

02 March 2021 - 06:46 PM

Where are we ranked in total team spending for this upcoming season? Have to be last in the league, right? 

If we arent numero uno in saving money, then thats another colossal failure by Red Bull cause this current roster sucks big fat donkey dick.

In Topic: Cameron Harper from Celtic

02 March 2021 - 06:43 PM

I think preseason starts 3/8...

And we still need a LB, mid and striker.