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#1380200 This offseason is not a shitshow

Posted by Koko on Yesterday, 07:02 PM

Depends on your objectives.

I want to win MLS Cup.

So IMO this roster is a fucking dumpster fire full of shit.

#1380151 Haksabanovic linked to Red Bull, apparently to us

Posted by Koko on 07 March 2021 - 03:05 PM

Every time I see posts like this,  it leads me to believe that our fanbase is deluded enough to believe that there is a scrooge mcduck type tower of money somewhere,  and that RBNY should just run there to pluck an extra million dollars to buy a new player because "our owner is rich".

In the real world, each division of Red Bull (soccer,, drinks, formula 1) has its own independent operating budget,  regardless of how "rich" our owner is. And if we already blew several million dollars in failed transfers recently (Kaku, Jorgy) then you can understand why Red Bull global doesn't give its sports teams free reign to spend whatever they want.

I think we are fully aware that the funding for our club is shit.

The argument is that the current level of funding does not have to be shit. Corporate could upgrade it from shit to...not shit. Or they could sell and perhaps we could get a new owner who upgrades us from shit.

#1380015 Cameron Harper from Celtic

Posted by Koko on 02 March 2021 - 06:43 PM

I think preseason starts 3/8...

And we still need a LB, mid and striker.


#1379851 Salzburg goalkeeper Carlos Coronel

Posted by Koko on 28 February 2021 - 01:29 PM

As mentioned prior, this definitely has to mean Jensen is gone. Two international slots on gk is just inept roster management.

If you assume management is inept it makes perfect sense.

#1379828 Random Player Name Thread 2021

Posted by Koko on 27 February 2021 - 11:29 AM

Why pay transfer fees for players who would be available on a free transfer in June?

For Red Bull its more of a question of why spend money at all?

#1379777 Some people do not understand that California has twice the population of Flo...

Posted by Koko on 26 February 2021 - 12:16 PM

There was already playbook in place. Unfortunately, the previous administration decided to disregard it. 

Guess it needs a clause to address sociopathic leadership...

#1379752 Youba Diarra on loan from Salzburg

Posted by Koko on 25 February 2021 - 10:58 PM

More bullshit scraps. Fuck Red Bull.

#1379744 Some people do not understand that California has twice the population of Flo...

Posted by Koko on 25 February 2021 - 03:58 PM

Both Grelladinho and the thread split title are missing the point. It isn't that Florida has fewer cases than California... it's that both have a very similar number of cases per capita, which indicates that the lockdowns and regulations in California maybe aren't as effective (or as necessary) as people think.

IMO the point is that no matter if youre California or Florida or wherever this is a fucked up situation that could have been handled much better. I dont see the value in assigning blame or praise to any single entity.

Anyway, my understanding is that most of the spread is attributed to multi family dwellings and impoverished communities.  Feel free to correct me. The information is constantly changing. And therein lies the problem with a novel (new) virus. Thats information that would have been helpful when this all started, but we dont have a time machine.  We have the information we have at the time we have it.

I believe its practical to overreact at the onset of a new virus, but governments also need to be able to react quickly to updated information.

Which takes me back to my original point that federal leadership was completely lacking never mind being adaptable.

Researchers:  Fed, heres new data and suggested courses of action. Things may change again soon. Be prepared to adjust.

Fed:  States, heres new data and suggested courses of action.  Things may change again soon. Be prepared to adjust.

States:  local officials, heres new data and suggested courses of action.  Things may change again soon. Be prepared to adjust.


There was a  disconnect from research to the individual citizen.

And again Id highlight the general unpreparedness. We should have had more emergency medical on hand (hopefully now we will). We should have had a playbook designed (hopefully now we do). We also should have made sure (over the course of decades mind you and hopefully moving forward) that the means for production for this kind of unplanned disaster is better located within our own country.  Etc.

Piss poor planning. Piss poor leadership.

#1379651 Some people do not understand that California has twice the population of Flo...

Posted by Koko on 23 February 2021 - 11:30 AM

Floridians truly don't give a shit about other people

I know Floridians of different races, ages, political affiliation, religion, etc. They are all good people that absolutely do give a shit about other people. Some of them have devoted their lives to other people.

Ill paraphrase something I heard Jared Kushner say which is:  politics is tribal and the Republican Party just fell victim to a hostile takeover.

Every political party has a large tribal following. Democrats republicans independents it doesnt matter. It seems to me that people often vote for things, vote for people, say things and believe in things only because they are completely loyal to their party.

When a political party tells its voters things that are not true and when people only get their news from one source and or surround themselves with only like minded people then the country as a whole suffers.

The people of Florida are no more heartless than the people of any other state.

#1379647 Some people do not understand that California has twice the population of Flo...

Posted by Koko on 23 February 2021 - 08:58 AM

You know what would have been a better strategy than all the restrictions?

1. Listening to the scientists who for years said this was coming and that we were not prepared. Maybe now people will listen to the scientists about climate change. What the fuck am I saying? No they wont.
2. Shutting down travel from ALL countries immediately to buy us more time.
3. Using the defense production act on steroids to get us all the supplies we needed for masking up and testing.
4. Rolling out a uniformed message that everyone mask up.
5. Rolling out a stellar national testing and tracing plan.

All that would have been great. We got no fucking leadership and everyone was left pantless looking around like a bunch of fucking buffoons. Some good decisions were made and some bad. More people could have died. Less people could have died. More of the economy could have thrived. More of it could have been crushed. More of it will be. Fed just keeps fist pumping fiat like a jersey nightclub. Hold on to your shorts friends. Its gonna be a bumpy next few years.

We landed in the middle. Its not great but its about right for how well we were prepared and how well the federal government lead us (or didnt lead us) through this.

#1379632 Fans at RBA in 2021

Posted by Koko on 22 February 2021 - 01:20 PM

The front office has a bigger problem than COVID affecting ticket sales. Their roster doesnt exactly excite.

#1379502 Stoke right back Tom Edwards

Posted by Koko on 17 February 2021 - 08:41 AM

That video was good and I think it is clear why the team brought him in. Struber wants his fullbacks to get forward and whip balls into the box something Duncan is not great at. Edwards looks to be a very solid crosser and also looks to play very direct north south while Duncan Ahs the tendency to hesitate and look to sit and play side ways a lot

Who doesnt like competition?

Duncan would be a hell of a player if he dumped that hesitation and was able to whip a dangerous cross in consistently. Hopefully Edwards provides the competition he needs to take his game to the next level.

And vice versa of course.

#1379440 Kemar, Murillo, and Miazga play at Anderlecht

Posted by Koko on 16 February 2021 - 08:38 AM

usually i hate signings like that but for left back i completely agree. we basically need a stopgap/mentor.  Which would actually make kieran gibbs a decent option if the money was right.  I dont see Kemar's ability to stay healthy improving as he ages

I wouldnt ever suggest this kind of signing unless we had a half decent prospect waiting in the wings.

#1379305 Kieran Gibbs rumour?

Posted by Koko on 12 February 2021 - 12:28 PM

Dont know anything about his form over the past couple years.

Im not opposed at all to this in theory. Pendant didnt get it done for me. If Gibbs can lock down the left while we wait for Tolkin to come through Im more than okay with that.

#1379302 Kaku got out

Posted by Koko on 12 February 2021 - 12:24 PM

Let it play out. Its just an allegation at this point.

Now if its true...