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In Topic: Metro - Orlando Game Thread

Yesterday, 09:54 AM

I noticed that also yesterday. He was sucking wind, so quickly after he came on. I find it strange because hes been such a model professional since hes been here.

Kind of harsh to blame professionalism when an injury kept him on the sideline for half the season, but yeah it was rough watching him out there yesterday.


Not to look too far ahead but BWP's situation might get tricky this off season. This article from Stejskal from when BWP signed his DP contract has sources saying it was only through the 2019 season without any option years. Especially with this year's injury, there's no way he sticks around unless he's willing to take a significant pay cut.

In Topic: Metro - Orlando Game Thread

Yesterday, 09:46 AM

That was one of the most complete games we've seen from Etienne, played smart and worked hard on both sides of the ball. He earned another start if I'm Armas.

In Topic: Metro - Orlando Game Thread

Yesterday, 08:25 AM


When I saw pre-game that we had both Barlow and BWP on the bench, I knew he was looking to put on a two-striker formation.   Seems he was determined to try it no matter what was happening with the game.   


100% seemed the case to me too. Even before BWP came on, our defensive shape was pretty much a 4-4-2. I've never seen Kaku press as high up the field than he did yesterday.


The only odd part was how quickly he abandoned the idea after BWP came on. I feel like BWP was only out there as an actual striker for about 3 minutes before Armas moved him over to the left. Guess he realized that the team was out of gas?

In Topic: Metro - Orlando Game Thread

21 July 2019 - 08:36 PM

Some of you guys are way too upset for having just grinded out a win on the road. That is never, ever easy to do in MLS.


Would I have recommended ending the last 15 minutes in a 5-4-1 with Royer as a fullback and BWP as a left midfielder? No, not particularly. But the first half was enough to make up for it.

In Topic: EPL Interest in Aaron Long

19 July 2019 - 11:40 AM

If Long does ultimately go, its encouraging from Red Bulls that the priority is having him stick out the season and try to win here. Same thing with Adams.