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#1364191 Random Player Name Thread 2020

Posted by iced1776 on 26 March 2020 - 02:23 PM

He's smaller and a different type than what we need, but Pedro can play center forward.


I like his skill set for the 4-4-2. Our strikers are picking up the ball further from goal, I think we need guys who are mobile and can make plays with the ball.


White and Barlow both have size but bricks for feet. They struggled badly in the first two games.

#1363952 MLS game rebroadcasting

Posted by iced1776 on 19 March 2020 - 10:42 AM

Shield-clinching game against Chicago in 2015 would be a good one. A little drama going behind at the start, a banger from Henry, and we even got to see Lindpere get on the scoresheet at RBA one last time.

#1363859 Danish GK David Jensen, English RB Mandela Egbo

Posted by iced1776 on 17 March 2020 - 12:32 PM

I don't think I'm overreacting here, should Egbo be released for this monstrosity?


#1363807 MLS, Red Bulls and Coronavirus

Posted by iced1776 on 16 March 2020 - 04:56 PM

I can't believe this guy's vote counts the same as mine.


Another quote that comes to mind from Isaac Asimov after so many recent conversations with people who don't seem to think expert opinions are a thing:


"There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."

#1363742 MLS, Red Bulls and Coronavirus

Posted by iced1776 on 15 March 2020 - 05:50 PM

This is so overblown it's unbelievable. There was a middle ground to be had between doing nothing and ignoring it versus telling everyone they are going to die and literally cancelling everything. Whatever that middle ground was, it's been totally missed.


Unbelievable situations require unbelievable responses. This is an unprecedented outbreak in our lifetimes. The middle ground wasn't missed, it was considered by experts and deemed not enough enough because every country to try half-measures so far has spiraled. 

#1363734 MLS, Red Bulls and Coronavirus

Posted by iced1776 on 15 March 2020 - 03:49 PM

Is the responsible decision really freaking the fuck out, canceling everything and ruining people's livelihoods by choosing cans of baked beans over local restaurants amd businesses? Especially when you can take all the coronavirus patients in the tri-state area, put them in one place and they wouldn't be able to fill a sliver of Red Bull Arena?


When you remove the hyperbole from this, yes that's exactly right. Every expert in the field is saying that cancelling public events, even at the expense of some jobs, and avoiding crowded places such as bars/restaurants is exactly the responsible thing to do. Does it not strike you as arrogant to say otherwise?


Good quote from Michael Leavitt, a former US Secretary of Health, on dismissing the seriousness of a pandemic because today things seem OK:


“Everything we do before a pandemic will seem alarmist. Everything we do after will seem inadequate.”

#1363237 Metro - Minnesota Game Thread

Posted by iced1776 on 08 March 2020 - 12:46 AM

Minnesota scored this goal tonight and I can totally see them doing it at least once against us. Parker's gotta get better.

#1362982 French left back Jason Pendant

Posted by iced1776 on 05 March 2020 - 12:29 AM

God bless Damien Perrinelle, he was so damn slow he had to take a record number of yellows for professional fouls to break up counter attacks, but he made it work.

#1362907 Metro - RSL Game Thread

Posted by iced1776 on 03 March 2020 - 02:13 PM

Can we please please stop hitting it long for good? ... Counterpressing works very well when we give up the ball near the box, a glorified dump-and-chase doesn't consistently work for us (and we certainly tried many times with BWP and White for the last 5 years).

Two thoughts on this one:

1) I think you're forgetting how many goals BWP has scored over the years by latching on to long balls, often coming from our back line.

2) Counter pressing necessitates at least some dump and chase. I remember Marsch saying that they would sometimes give away possession intentionally because they're better off baiting the other team into a turnover than building up ourselves. Don't get me wrong we've passed really well on the ground this year, but not sure that's sustainable as our only approach especially against better competition.

#1362904 Metro - Cincy Game Thread

Posted by iced1776 on 03 March 2020 - 01:53 PM

Taking a look at some of the activity maps, CCJ's defensive effort deserves a call out. He had 11 tackles/interceptions and about as many secondary ball recoveries. Those are Adams-level numbers.

His ceiling is lower than Adams but if he can clean up some of his bad giveaways he can be a truly dominant MLS CM. In fact his giveaway for Cincy's second goal is a little reminiscent of the mistake Adams made that cost us the CCL in 2018. Definitely something he can correct as he matures.

#1362812 First Goal of the Year

Posted by iced1776 on 02 March 2020 - 07:53 AM

Not our best year guys, half of our guesses weren't even in the 18 yesterday

#1362764 Metro - RSL Game Thread

Posted by iced1776 on 01 March 2020 - 07:50 PM

Interesting stretch of the schedule coming up, mostly weaker opponents but also mostly on the road. RSL is beatable, it'd be a nice cushion to start off with 3 points.

I'm starting to wonder if a striker partner for Royer will become a more glaring need. I don't think White is a good fit for the 4-4-2. His skill set is limited to decent hold up play and getting on the end of tap-ins. Now he's being asked to play more on the ball now and it's not his game

#1362745 Metro - Cincy Game Thread

Posted by iced1776 on 01 March 2020 - 06:21 PM

Jorgensen didn't seem to do anything in pre-season camp to move up the depth chart over White or Barlow, so not too surprising he's still not in the 18. 


Great game offensively, the team looks more comfortable in the 4-4-2 than it has any other time they've tried it. Good play from pretty much every midfielder today, I'll excuse Kaku's second half since he was obviously not 100%. Royer was great up top as well.


The team already misses Kemar defensively though. Cincinatti's first goal is the exact type of play that Kemar used to come in screaming to clean up at the last second, instead we saw Seagrist trailing 10 yards behind the play. 


Had to laugh at Yardley and Shep trying to make sense of the lackluster start to the second half. Yardley at one point goes "there's no way Armas actually told them to back off and set a deeper line of pressure.... right?"

#1362618 Davis named captain

Posted by iced1776 on 29 February 2020 - 09:12 PM

I agree that Davis will be the same player. Thats what Im worried about.

And so then were in a situation where Armas is forced to sit his captain? Thats a terrible position to be in.

Is it though? Do we really think the teams morale is gonna tank cause the first captain was subbed off or was rotated out for a few games?

Still think we might be overthinking this.

#1362613 Rece Buckmaster cut

Posted by iced1776 on 29 February 2020 - 08:32 PM

You guys are still talking as if you are the intended audience of a coach's every comment to the media. You're not.

A coach's decisions speak loudly enough for me. So often they're either too strategic or just plain uncomfortable talking to the media to actually learn anything meaningful. What actually changes if he says Buckmaster is just OK instead of a lockdown defender? Nada...