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In Topic: 2019 NYRBII USL Thread

Today, 04:22 AM

With yesterday's results, we wont have to worry about the play-in matches. We also are guaranteed to not finish first or second.

Standings as of 10/12. All teams have one match left, except us.

1. Pittsburgh: 65pts/68max
2. Nashville: 64pts/67max

3. Indy Eleven: 60pts/63max
4. Tampa Bay: 58pts/61pts
5. NYRBII: 57pts/63max (1 game in hand)
6. Louisville: 57pts/60max
We can't finish lower than 6th.

Can finish anywhere from 3rd to 6th and will play one of those teams in the playoffs. Louisville can only get to 4th tops.

We are at Birmingham on Wednesday and Loudoun on Saturday.

In Topic: 2019 NYRBII USL Thread

Yesterday, 06:50 PM

Swope Park Rangers took a 3-0 lead in the 34th over Louisville which would be great for us. It's now 3-3 less than ten minutes later. Super.

In Topic: Etienne tweets about snakes... then gets loaned out

10 October 2019 - 02:52 PM

I think the biggest concern I have with Etienne is that he was given plenty of competition for a spot between him, Muyl, Ivan, Fernandez, Epps, Valot and Mines and could not break through to solidify a spot.

If that didn't motivate him, even with the amount of time he was given, I'm not sure he lands in MLS.

We said similar things about other HGPs (need more time, shows sparks, play well in USL) that never land in MLS (Kassel, Hot, Allen, Metzger, Moreno, etc...).

In Topic: Etienne tweets about snakes... then gets loaned out

09 October 2019 - 07:28 PM

Hassan Ndam is also absent from the 2020 FCC roster.

In Topic: 2019 NYRBII USL Thread

08 October 2019 - 09:39 PM

Standings as of 10/8. Every team that can finish above us has 2 games remaining.

1. Pittsburgh: 62pts/68max
2. Nashville: 61pts/67max
3. Indy Eleven: 59pts/65max
4. NYRBII: 57pts/63max
5. Tampa Bay: 57pts/63max
6. Louisville: 54pts/60max
7. North Carolina: 53pts/59max
Can't finish lower than 7th.

We are off Saturday, but Tampa Bay plays Indy and Nashville plays North Carolina.

We are at Birmingham on the 16th.