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In Topic: Random Player Name Thread 2020

Today, 09:39 AM

Pretty sure Tetteh, someone here on loan who has made it clear he wants to get right back to Europe, counts as a short term fix.

Agree that this winter is huge for the future of the team.

I think hes need to do well here for more than part of season to get back to Europe. If hes good, hed be a longer term solution than Kamara.

Although Kamara would have been helpful against Cinci the last we played them and sent a 100s crosses into Fernandez.

Also, why has a guy like Kamara, who can still score at a decent rate, not last more than a season and a half at a club since hes come back from Europe?

In Topic: Metro - Cincinnati Game Thread

Today, 08:37 AM

Red Bulls Instagram page posted a video of Tetteh on Sept. 1 running around in full training. That was nearly three weeks ago.

There is no way he isn't match fit or is nursing an injury.

Unless he picked up a knock in training since then.

In Topic: Parker on the trade block?

17 September 2020 - 07:07 AM

Why? Nealis and Tarek are not long term options. Unless we get a player in this trade, its another terrible trade. No more Garber bucks!



Hes been on the decline but you cant move him unless you have another reliable option...which we dont.

If you're concerned about this season, it would be a bad move without an equal player in return.  But Thelwell may have a player or two in mind for CB for next season and need the funny money to pay for them.

In Topic: Some people can't stop arguing, who did trading Dax open a spot for? (It...

16 September 2020 - 06:52 PM

Ignoring 2017? I don't think so. Davis ended up as a starter alongside Felipe and Adams, which is what Dax would do as well. Maybe we don't lose in play-offs then? Yeah, I guess he was fine next to Adams in 2018, wonder how good Dax would be with him. And with Davis bolstering the bench. Or the following year when Davis was bad again. Not a good deal, and that's not even in hindsight, but especially so.

When Felipe, Adams, & Davis were all starting, Felipe was the lone deep CM, Adams a wingback, and Davis a wide mid. That was at the end of the season, after our CB situation wasnt working out. They didnt go into the season planning to play that formation, it was out of necessity.

There were a lot of games before that where Felipe & Adams played as a deep CM tandem. Those are the guys that Dax probably would have been on the bench. He was not as good as Adams at that point. You can argue about Felipe, and Id probably agree Dax was better, but its been pretty well established that Marsch preferred the Brazilian.

In Topic: Some people can't stop arguing, who did trading Dax open a spot for? (It...

16 September 2020 - 04:28 PM

But, that is indeed where it is most of the time.

Crockett drove his all the time.