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ESPN Bundesliga Support Quiz

16 September 2020 - 12:27 PM



I took the above "Which Bundesliga team should you support?" quiz on ESPN.com and I got RB Leipzig...

Current Roster - Start, Bench, Move (cut, trade, sell, or demote) in 2021

08 September 2020 - 01:08 PM

This assumes we're not selling anyone, like Kaku or Long, off.  These aren't predictions of what I think the team will do, it's what I think they should do.


Tom Barlow
 - Move

He's active, which is more than you can say for a lot of our players, but that hasn't translated to goals.


Cristian Cásseres Jr. - Bench

Assume Yearwood takes his place.  


Sean Davis - Start

Betting on a new coach and playing next to Yearwood brings him back to 2018 levels. 


Kyle Duncan - Start

Our leading goal scorer, how could he not start?


Mandela Egbo - Bench

Seems like a solid backup fullback and looked good as a defensive winger too.


Omir Fernandez - Bench

Spot starter, needs to continue to develop.


David Jensen - Bench

Solid 1A keeper.


Mathias Jørgensen - Bench

I'd like to see what a better coach can do with Jorgy.


Chris Lema - TBD

Not enough info


Aaron Long - Start

USMNT player, nuff said.


Kendall McIntosh - TBD

Not enough info.


Ryan Meara - Start

Maybe not as good as peak Robles, but a high level keeper by MLS standards.


Ben Mines - Bench

Did what everyone said he needed to do, got stronger.  Like Omir, needs to continue to develop.


Sean Nealis - Bench

Looked ok against DC.  Not a bad 4th CB for MLS.


Tim Parker - Start

He seems to be getting back to his old self, hopefully the new coach get him there.


Jason Pendant - Start

He's not Taxi, but who is?  Solid fullback.


Kaku - Start

He needs to play in a CAM role.


Daniel Royer - Bench

Has fallen off a little bit, maybe more of a 15-30 player at his age.


Marc Rzatkowski - Move

Makes too much for what he brings.  He'd be ok to have back on reduced wages.


Patrick Seagrist - Move

Didn't look like he had MLS quality.  Let Egbo backup both fullbacks.


Jared Stroud
 - Bench

Seems to play a lot like Muyl and guys like that are useful.


Amro Tarek
 - Bench

One of the better 3rd CBs in MLS?


Samuel Tetteh
 -  TBD

Not enough info.


John Tolkin
 - TBD

Not enough info.


Florian Valot
 - Bench

I'd be ok if he was a starter, but would love to be able to bring a guy like this off the bench.


Brian White
 - Move

This is assuming his performance this year isn't injury related.


Dru Yearwood - TBD

Not enough info, but I'd guess he's a starter.

Some people remember Petke firing

21 February 2020 - 10:09 AM

the lack of effort the Ownership has ... the past Years since Henry retired

Not sure this is fair.  They obviously have not done enough last year and for this upcoming season, but we were really good during Marsch's tenure here.


I know a lot of people will disagree with this, but I view RB's firing of Petke as an example that they cared, at least in 2015, about winning.  Why fire a coach that the majority of fans adored?  Why piss off so many people?  One argument would be, that they don't care about the fans.  I think it's more likely, they didn't think Petke was any good and brought in someone that they, correctly, thought was.  They felt it was the right decision for winning, so they took the unpopular route.


All that said, ownership has gone AWOL this offseason.