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Yesterday, 02:25 PM

This is an effed up year.  He scored well enough last year.

Last year is long gone. Regretfully, he's been atrocious thus far over a meaningful period of time.

In Topic: Metro - Montreal Game Thread

Yesterday, 11:47 AM

Simple yet effective point. I dont care if the other guys can fly, they cant score. White was the best scorer last year among them and with fewer opportunities than Barlow, has outscored him. I dont think we give up on Jorg but White needs to be the guy over Barlow and the top guy unless Tetteh is ever allowed the opportunity

I agree about Barlow, since I think Barlow is the same guy as Jorgey at this stage but way older, but White has exactly one goal this year in the same time as Barlow. This is not much better than anyone. To me it is clear they all suck, and no, 1 goal in 421 mins by White doesn't make him much better. Given that, go with the guy 5 years younger.

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Yesterday, 11:42 AM

A goal scorer is paid to score goals.  White does, they other guys don't.

Your point is well taken, but White scored one goal in 421 minutes this season. Jorgey played roughly half of that (226). So, to say he scores, while others don't is a bit of a stretch at this point. He played double the time of a guy 5 years younger and scored one (more) goal, and was invisible otherwise. This is not enough to keep giving him more time over the youngster with more potential.

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24 September 2020 - 04:08 PM

The predicament is that Jørgensen is one of the few on this roster capable of creating those chances using his speed to stretch the field and run in behind defenses. A Royer or White more clinical in front of goal, but probably wouldnt create that specific chance in the first place.

Obviously youd want a striker that can do both, but this is what we are stuck with at present.

The truth is, neither of these 3 strikers is MLS caliber player at this time. I know White scored, but just like before, he just played so bad the entire game, I just don't think that finish makes up for disappearance for the other 89 mins (edit: less than 89 since he was subbed, but you get the idea). I would more say Barlow and Jorgey are comparable in the fact they did cause danger and clearly contributed all game, but can't capitalize on opportunities. Jorgey, who just turned 20, has a decent chance to grow and fix his weaknesses, and playing him more out of 3 bad choices seems like the more reasonable thing to do. At least let's get more data on him, as so far Barlow and White got the preference.

In Topic: Metro - Montreal Game Thread

24 September 2020 - 04:01 PM

Purely based my projected lineup on who didn't start vs MIA. Barlow Kaku Royer Duncan. Also possible for Nealis or Tarek to fill in for one of the CBs, 


For me, Jorg's biggest issue is his composure in front of goal. He needs lots of chances at goal. LOTS. It's not a secret that despite his goal tally from last yr, he didn't put away a significant amount of chances. He had the one shot that hit the crossbar, offhand, I don't recall any other shots. In USL, he was given plenty of opportunities to bury chances but didn't. He won't have that luxury with the 1st team.  

Jorgey and Barlow in the last game worked very hard and made things dangerous and difficult for Miami throughout the game. Jorgey should have scored off the left foot on that crossbar attempt, he had chance right next to the goal from Stroud where he just missed the ball, and in the second half another left footed attempt from close distance just hit side netting. I felt he should have converted all 3, or at least two of these if GK made a great save. Barlow had two clear one on one chances which he squandered. Plus there were a few more chances for each, which were totally wasted.


With all that said, Jorgey didn't really get same opportunities yet as White and Barlow. I am not yet ready to give up on him, even though it certainly does not look like it will be a breakout season.