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#1381932 Metro - KC Game Thread

Posted by thoward18 on Yesterday, 09:04 PM

Not going to make any sweeping judgments because it's one game with a lot of players acclimating, but getting 0 points at home against a team missing 2 DPs and its starting goalkeeper... that's a bad loss. 

#1381875 Metro - KC Game Thread

Posted by thoward18 on Yesterday, 06:26 PM

So Dru Yearwood is apparently healthy but doesn't make a 20-man roster? That's curious...

#1381751 Patryk "The Devil" Klimala rumour

Posted by thoward18 on 14 April 2021 - 10:54 PM

Pretty interesting signing.


I feel like Fabio and him have very different and complimentary skill sets and this could really turn out well.



Fuck has this team really got me optimistic...

White off the bench as a poacher is basically a dream scenario. 

#1381415 Frankie Amaya tampering

Posted by thoward18 on 09 April 2021 - 11:31 AM

I meant at the same age

Same deal. Adams was starting for Leipzig at 20. 

#1381412 Frankie Amaya tampering

Posted by thoward18 on 09 April 2021 - 11:18 AM

How good is this kid i don't know much about him ? Is he Adams good ?

Adams starts for what is probably one of the top-10 teams in the world. He's a rarity. I don't think comparing anyone to him is fair. Amaya could fall several orders of magnitude below Adams and still be a big success for us.

#1381316 Frankie Amaya tampering

Posted by thoward18 on 07 April 2021 - 10:45 PM

Usually I'd say that GAM is no object for this team, but with the amount of loans that we have this year (who definitely aren't making the league minimum), I wonder if we're going to have to be using that towards those.


Otherwise, 1M is probably steep, but if it's spread out over a few years, that'd be a pretty nice signing right?

GAM is, to an extent, use it or you lose it. Unfortunately, MLS tries to keep their finances out of the public eye almost as much as Trump does, so we don't know the salary cap situation nor how much GAM they have. It's possible that we have a decent chunk from the Adams and Abang transfers that expire in a year. 


I kind of wonder if the Harper signing has killed this move, though.

#1381299 This offseason is not a shitshow

Posted by thoward18 on 07 April 2021 - 07:03 PM

I think the point some of us are trying to make is that when we got BWP and Taxi, we had no idea what level they were or were going to eventually be. Some of us are choosing to be hopeful we have some possible diamonds in the rough this time around as well.

The flip side of this is that BWP is the greatest striker in team history and Lawrence is the greatest LB in team history. Some of that was good talent identification and some of it was good coaching, but some of it is also luck. Klimala/Fabio and Gutman could become quality, productive MLS starters and still fall well short of BWP and Lawrence. Putting stock in hitting the jackpot again is lofty. 

#1381208 Patryk "The Devil" Klimala rumour

Posted by thoward18 on 06 April 2021 - 08:45 PM

Sacha was coming back after kind of being a starter as a 2-way possession CM on a good Belgian team. Not a sure fire all-star 10.

Nothing is truly surefire (see Chicharito), but a starting midfielder in his late 20s with 157 matches for a Champions League team in Belgium, nearly 50 USMNT caps, and prior experience as a top MLS player. That's about as credible of an acquisition as there is in MLS.

#1381165 Frankie Amaya tampering

Posted by thoward18 on 06 April 2021 - 04:01 PM

This makes less sense the more I think about it from Cincy's point of view. You have two teams actually willing to pay your sky high asking price, and instead of just selling him you accuse them of tampering and wait for the next tier of bidders to drive the price down???


I must be missing something here.

Could be a few things.


1. The evidence could be strong enough that they feel they have to defend it for the sake of not getting bullied long-term. 

2. They hope it will nudge RBNY or Philly towards meeting Cincy's trade demands and making the whole problem go away.

3. They want to keep Amaya and don't care if it tanks his value.

#1381125 Patryk "The Devil" Klimala rumour

Posted by thoward18 on 06 April 2021 - 09:38 AM

Everything about this offseason is reminding me of 2015 and secretly I want it to be 2015, part 2: 2021, but i'm not sure what will happen

I'm not seeing a Sacha in this transfer window. A proven, surefire MLS superstar. 

#1381036 Patryk "The Devil" Klimala rumour

Posted by thoward18 on 03 April 2021 - 03:11 PM

His girlfriend JUST followed the official RBNY team account on Instagram. It's happening.



#1381025 Kaku got out

Posted by thoward18 on 03 April 2021 - 01:12 PM

There are a hundred reasons Hamlett shouldn't be in his role. The fact that they needed arbitration to decide something that should be clear and obvious if done correctly and taking this decision as a win is just sad.

Literally anything can go to arbitration if one side is stubborn enough. That it got that far only speaks to the denial of Kaku's agents; not the validity of RBNY's procedure.

#1381003 Kaku got out

Posted by thoward18 on 03 April 2021 - 12:19 PM

We dont know if he was bailed out or not.

Need more details. Need case to play out to its conclusion.

This is rich. People including you were happy to pile on and blame him when we had zero information beyond the actions and testimony of a sketchy agent, but now that a neutral professional ruled on the matter after hearing the complete arguments from both parties and reviewing the evidence carefully, suddenly we're going to plead lack of complete information.

#1380995 Kaku got out

Posted by thoward18 on 03 April 2021 - 11:11 AM

Hamlett is still a largely incompetent SD, which is why Thelwell was hired. He got bailed out by the court, so its fine.

He didn't get "bailed out by the court." He did his job correctly (in this particular instance) and then Kaku and his agent fucked around.

#1380929 Kaku got out

Posted by thoward18 on 02 April 2021 - 06:27 AM

And people are angry Red Bull doesnt spend lavishly on NY. Jorgenson and the Kaku debacle would be enough for any owner to say yeah lets wait and see what you accomplish with little money before we up it again

Nah fam. If Salzburg busted in a few consecutive transfer windows RB would absolutely still invest in the club. 


I think Austria doesn't deem us an immediate priority but, especially if Thelwell gets this Polish striker in, my belief is that Rangnick viewed what was happening here post-Marsch and was underwhelmed, refused to give Hamlett and co. his stamp of approval to the oligarchs, and basically told them to not bother until they could get a competent sporting director in.