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George Weah comes out of retirement

12 September 2018 - 04:48 PM





Not signing for Metro, though...

Metro - DC Scum Game Thread

22 August 2018 - 08:19 PM

No smell, just scum.

Metro - Blue Poseurs Game Thread

18 August 2018 - 07:08 PM

No smelling. Just poseurs.

Kemar: All-Time Best XI?

05 August 2018 - 07:11 PM



Now, the MF Best XI is not done by position (and the current state of 3-3-4 should not be tried), but...


Does Kemar deserve the third defender slot over Olave? Olave was great in his first season, good but not great in his second, while Kemar has been excellent in 3 of his 4 years (his 2016 was off).

Brian White promoted

04 August 2018 - 10:06 AM

Good for him!