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Ticketmaster Ticket Tech (Rotating Barcodes) @ RBA

16 January 2020 - 10:31 AM



I just purchased tickets at ticketmaster for the She Believes Cup. When I checked the tickets in the app, the barcodes are rotating. Which means you will not be able to send a screen shot of a ticket anymore. Tickets can only be transferred using the transfer button the ticketmaster app, ticketmaster website, red bull app, or red bull website. The tickets will only be able to be viewed on the ticketmaster app, or red bull app at RBA. I contacted my rep about this and this will be the technology used for all events in 2020 and the forseeable future. This technology was used this year in the NFL to a high degree of success and it seems like ticketmaster will be trying to roll it out across all venues in 2020. The only con about this tech is that you need a internet connection either wifi or mobile data. You can still have your tickets printed on paper stubs by visiting the box office, or contacting your rep.


Hope this helps everybody.

$10 College Tickets during 2019 Season

02 April 2019 - 09:01 AM

It seems to me the team is getting desperate to sell tickets. Below is a link which will let you sign up for texts from the front office for $10 Student Tickets. When you sign up you can also use a non .edu email address as well. So to me anybody can sign up. It seems like other than the game v. NYCFC or playoffs there will be cheap tickets. This just made our season tickets less valuable.