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In Topic: Baseball is a sport

20 November 2018 - 01:54 PM

Baseball and Soccer are 2 of my favorite sports. For different reasons. Soccer is like a high speed chess match, has a rhythm and is incredibly hard to score. This is why in soccer goals are celebrated so intensely. Baseball is slower between plays. But there is a TON of strategy, a TON of skill of pitching and hitting even though it may not be the most athletic thing in the world. It is also a grind. 162 games over 6 months. Add 2 more months for postseason and spring training of baseball almost everyday. Baseball while mundane in August can be the most gutt wrenching thing to watch pitch by pitch in the postseason while every pitch could be the difference. Both sports are great. That is my 2 cents.

In Topic: Playoff format changes expected next year

20 November 2018 - 01:46 PM

I disagree. The club world cup starts a week after the MLS Cup. That's plenty of time to travel for team representing CONCACAF to travel. Even if the team representing CONCACAF the newly reigning MLS Cup Champion. Plus FIFA has not announced where the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup is to be played. Maybe Florida or Texas can host the tournament. It would be popular here in the States. Does anybody know if US Soccer or CONCACAF has made a bid to host.

In Topic: Playoff format changes expected next year

20 November 2018 - 10:54 AM

What if a MLS team wins CCL in 2019. With the MLS cup being in mid November and the potential CCL winning team being eliminated from the MLS playoffs in October. That leads to just over 2 months of off time to prepare for a club world cup competition. That is rediculously long lay off time and will gurantee an MLS* teams early departure from the tournament. I think MLS is getting closer and closer with the quality of Liga MX and with Chivas being out of the Mexican playoffs this year. I think there is a substantial chance of MLS team winning the CCL in 2019.

In Topic: Advance MLS Cup tickets

19 November 2018 - 02:53 PM

Looks like the only seats that went on sale to public were the very last row of the upper deck corner. That's what it was showing the second it hit 10am this morning.

So MLS and the STH's have the other 25,000 tickets in their possession?

That would make sense. I think we have about 7 thousand season ticket holders. 99% probably claimed to buy MLS Cup Tickets. Most maybe 75% of those season ticket holders bought two additional tickets. So that's an additional 10,500 tickets ((2*7,000)*.75) sold as additional tickets to season ticket holders. That brings you to 17,500 tickets distributed. Then You have to account for another 1,500 allocated to away supporters. That brings you to 19,000. So if the capacity is 25,600 then you have 6,600 tickets remaining. Say MLS saves half of that allocation for their corporate sponsors and television partners. That brings you to about 3,300 seats for general sale. This is absolutely about the amount that went on sale this morning. 

In Topic: Advance MLS Cup tickets

19 November 2018 - 08:32 AM

The free market will determine the price of the tickets. They may be hundreds of dollars now. But they can go down in cost if nobody is buying them on the secondary market. However if demand is great the prices will remain high or go higher. 25,600 tixx will be completely distributed for MLS Cup and somehow and someway 25,000 will be in actual attendance.