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#1346374 Players absent during Gold Cup

Posted by Brian.MLS on Yesterday, 07:17 AM

we'd be kinda screwed at outside back, so it may mean a promotion for Yanes or the new Venezuelan guy, if we have the int'l slot available. 

Yanes has struggled for time with the USL team. Buckmaster and Rito have secured the outside back roles with Loebe as the regular sub there.

We do have an INTL spot available but Buckmaster wouldnt need it. Rito or Loebe would. While Rito is probably the most ready of the three, I dont think any are ready for MLS minutes quite yet. That said, Buckmaster did crack the first team roster for CCL.

#1346206 2019 NYRBII USL Thread

Posted by Brian.MLS on 18 May 2019 - 05:31 PM

#1 v #2 tonight at Tampa Bay Rowdies. I welcomed the newest Red Bulls fan into the world really early this morning, so now just trying to remain awake for this one!

#1346169 2019 USOC

Posted by Brian.MLS on 17 May 2019 - 04:34 AM

There is no such thing as Cosmos A anymore. So Cosmos B is a reserve team for... what exactly, I'm not sure.

Cosmos B plays in NPSL (current season and featuring 91 clubs).
Cosmos A plays in NPSL Pro (starting in the fall and featuring 11 clubs).

Cosmos B features Danny Szetela, Santiago Castano and coached by Carlos Mendes.

Cosmos A will feature Danny Szetela, Santiago Castano and coached by Carlos Mendes.

The 'B' designation simply allows them to play in amateur leagues without tarnishing their 'professional' status and legacy.

#1346132 2019 USOC

Posted by Brian.MLS on 16 May 2019 - 04:56 AM

So what's left? 3 clubs outside of the USL Championship and MLS.

USL Championship: 19 clubs
USL 1: Forward Madison
Amateur: Orange County FC (NPSL), Florida Soccer Soldiers (UPSL)

These will be 11 matches for May 29th before the 21 MLS clubs join in the 4th round.

The format is pretty awful. MLS sides should be joining when the USL Championship clubs come in to give lower division clubs a chance. That said, no way MLS owners would want that to happen.

#1346083 What is the front office doing?

Posted by Brian.MLS on 14 May 2019 - 07:21 PM

To be fair, Metzger was highly talented and rated above Davis for a long period of time. But to understand it a bit more, Metzger was behind Matt Kassel.

There have been some talented players we produced but also some that flamed out quickly, whether due to injuries or not being able to take the next step.

Watch Metzger tomorrow with Memphis 901 as they take on our U23s, along with another highly touted prospect, Adam Najem. Both have the soccer minds and do quite well at the USL level, but neither was able to take the next step in MLS.

In 2016, the U20s had Tommy Redding, Andrew Lombard, Marcello Borges and Matt Olosunde roaming the backline. Outside of Olosunde who has rotted away at ManU, each had their shot here and the first three arent even playing this year. Also on that roster: NYRBII striker, Sebastian Elney.

The Castano, Hot, Borges, Kassel, JohnnyX, Metzger, Basuljevic, Zajec, Echevarria, A. Najem, Brandon Allen, Lema, Plewa, Juan Seba Sanchez, Powder, and Politz of the world are far more common than Adams, Olosunde, Agudelo, Miazga, and Gloster.

Our pipeline certainly has some future talent, but losing guys like Jeff Zaun, Bob Montgomery, etc.. have left a huge gap within our academy. Parents are enrolling their talented kids in academies like TSF, Cedar Stars, PDA, NYCFC, Cosmos, etc... that are staffing well. The US Soccer Development Academies have 27 teams in the Atlantic and Northeast alone.  

#1345891 What is the front office doing?

Posted by Brian.MLS on 10 May 2019 - 05:08 PM

Probably have sweat shop conditions in the basement doing this as we speak. Maybe theyll just have everyone squeeze in sections 102-133

Based on what I've seen, they wouldnt need to squeeze in.

#1345805 What is the front office doing?

Posted by Brian.MLS on 09 May 2019 - 10:53 AM

I've talked to a few people who have a lot of insight on the day-to-day elements.

From what I hear, Denis Hamlett has little to no connections and those that do meet with him say he has no business acumen. While many wanted to play for Marsch, the same excitement for playing for Armas isn't there.

Let's take a look at changes since July, when Marsch left:
* Signed Adreas Ivan, who had already been on trial while Jesse was here.
* Signed Brian White from the reserves
* Brought Abang back when he couldnt get anyone else to take him
* Traded within the league for Jean-Christophe Koffi
* Traded within the league for Amro Tarek
* Traded to move up in the waiver draft for Marcus Epps
* Signed academy prospect Omir Fernandez, who would have signed regardless of coach/sporting director
* Made trades to get more draft picks
* Mathias Jorgensen, who barely saw time in Scandanavia, and is now behind...
* Tom Barlow, signed from reserves

But wait, there is more. Let's look at our USL team.
* Outside of the draft picks and former academy players, we signed Elney. I dont think they said his name once yesterday in the USL match.
* Amarildo came from Red Bull Brasil.
* Oh Edgardo Rito and Miguel Silva? They share the same agent as Casseres Jr.

Step further - U23s.
Most of the U23s are strictly players recommended by current first team or USL team players, in addition to academy players.

Also, why are academy coaches leaving in record fashion? Hmmm....

#1345680 Metro - Montreal Game Thread

Posted by Brian.MLS on 08 May 2019 - 06:45 PM

Kaku on the bench, Barlow starts!?

If someone told me two months ago that Rza would start over Kaku, Barlow would be getting the nod over prized acquisition Mathias Jorgensen and Lade would keep Murillo on the bench in a five man backline that kept CCJ, the Adams replacement on the bench, I probably would have had gone crazy. Instead, sadly, I can't say I'd argue any of these moves.

#1345649 2019 USOC

Posted by Brian.MLS on 08 May 2019 - 10:50 AM

I believe the rule is that they can't play RBNY before the finals, but other than that I don't believe there are any restrictions. They are perfectly eligible to win the tournament.
Also did anyone notice that RJ Allen--all of one year removed from a three year stretch as a starter for boy city--is now playing for FC Motown? What happened there?

They can play them at any point this tournament (including the 4th round if they get past Memphis and whomever is after that before the MLS sides come in), but any player that was loaned to the USL team and played (currently just Cedeno) cannot play against the first team.

RJ Allen had a couple offers for USL clubs. Likely got a better deal and plays close to home now. Vickers too. Much like Dilly Duka and Hunter Freeman last year, who had offers to play at a higher level. Health benefits are a huge element to the contracts.

#1345643 MLS Transfer Deadline

Posted by Brian.MLS on 08 May 2019 - 09:38 AM

Barlow becomes the 9th non-HGP signed to the first team from the USL side.

#1345545 2019 NYRBII USL Thread

Posted by Brian.MLS on 06 May 2019 - 11:35 AM

Rashid Nuhu and Miguel Silva signed to USL contracts (both GKs).

Nuhu will wear #81 and has been with the club since last year (U23s). We drafted him and he has been training with the club ever since.

Silva (only 18) was a teammate of Edgardo Rito.


#1345542 2019 USL2 New York Red Bulls U23 Thread

Posted by Brian.MLS on 06 May 2019 - 11:21 AM

Roster released today for the US Open Cup match vs. FC Motown.

New faces: Marcelin Gohier (Manhattan College GK), Joergen Oland (Fordham defender), CC Uche (Ohio State defender).

The rest are academy or former academy players in college and Allen Gavilanes returning this year.


In addition, some other names on the USL2 team roster not eligible tomorrow:

Jared Gilbey (F, Academy/Stanford, has been on the bench for the NYRBII team back in 2016)
Alex Bobocea (GK, Academy, was the backup keeper twice for the NYRBII team this year and spent a lot of preseason with the first team)
Jack Valderrabano (CAM, Academy/Stony Brook, was with the U23s last year as well)
Callum Johnson (#10, Academy/Boston College)
Jonah Conway (Mid, Academy/Marist but was at Rider)
Jonathan Filipe (M/F, Academy/Fairfield, trained with the NYRBII team in 2017)
Josiah Crawford (F, St. John's, Livingston, non-academy)
Kentaro Morrison (M, Colgate, played with the U23s last year in almost every match)
Kevin O'Toole (LB, Princeton, played more games in NYRBII on an academy deal than any player in club history: 22. Sure fire HGP)
Maliek Howell (played for Harbour View, University of New Mexico, from Jamaica)
Ryan Mingachos (returns after detaching last year with AC Connecticut, played in 2 NYRBII matches in 2016)
Sam Epitime (young #10, was with Cedar Stars Academy last year and now our U18s, solid player)
Sam Ilin (GK, LIU/Academy, has served as backup keeper for NYRBII at least once per season and 6x overall from 2016-2018)
Sondre Norheim (D, Syracuse, from Norway and brought up in the Viking FK academy)
Sonkyu Bin (???????)
Will Herve (M, Maryland, from France, absolute beast, huge addition)
Antonio Colacci (M, University of New Hampshire)
Carlo Ritaccio (D, Akron, formerly of BW Gottschee).
Amadou Macky Diop (F, Radford, out of Senegal, big target forward)
Sean Teixeira (D, Academy/Villanova, long time academy player who has seen regular minutes for the U23s the past few years. Likely a fringe HGP signing next year)
Santiago Martinez (M, Academy, trained with NYRBII last season).

#1345513 Tarps

Posted by Brian.MLS on 05 May 2019 - 04:33 PM

The tarps are embarrassing.

They stand out FAR more than empty seats.

#1345504 Metro - Montreal Game Thread

Posted by Brian.MLS on 05 May 2019 - 11:51 AM

...and just like that, if we win our two games in hand, we are just one win out of first place in the East...

For Wednesday:

BWP (White)

Bench: Meara, Lade, Rza, Beze/Ivan, Fernandez, Muyl/DE7, White (Jorgensen)

#1345344 2019 NYRBII USL Thread

Posted by Brian.MLS on 02 May 2019 - 06:53 PM

How has Nealis looked this season? This was the first game I've caught in awhile and I didn't realize how much of a fuckin tank this dude is, I'd imagine running into him is just short of hitting a brick wall.

You can tell there is some raw talent with him. Almost reminds me of a more athletic Tim Schmoll. He's a bigger guy, so a bit cumbersome at times.

Truthfully, last night was his first good game in a few weeks.

I love having Jordan Scarlett show him the way. Scarlett has a really good soccer IQ and commands the backline. I recall this is something they wanted out of him last year and he's done great with it this year. Solid positioning and where he lacks is more of the physical attributes. Mentally, he's a great partner at CB for Nealis.