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It should not have come down to a final must-win (or must-tie) game. We usually qualify with a game or two to go.

We are good enough to beat the best teams, and bad enough to lose to the worst teams. 



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And thats why the criticism towards the players is completely valid. I hate this shit going around of: Dont you think the players feel bad enough? They feel worse than anyone else! We should really lighten up on them. Theyre really suffering.

Are they suffering? Cause most of them didnt seem to care during the actual game. So maybe some of them dont even care the they arent going to Russia. When you put on that shirt you need to give everything every time. You need to be 110% committed and dialed in. They werent. They didnt seem to care. So I dont care about trashing them.

Or the "Don't blame Bradley! They didn't use him right!"


It was Trinidad and Tobago's B squad. We should've been able to beat them through sheer force of will. I don't care about tactics, I don't care about skill, I don't care pay to play, I don't care about US Soccer's other failures, I don't care about SUM, I don't care about pro/rel. I care that most of the guys on that field that night played like it was their birthright to go to the World Cup. We were always better than the sum of our parts, which is something I was always proud of when it came to the national team. The last four games of qualifying were a complete and utter betrayal of that.


Sunil Gulati, the state of youth soccer or US Soccer/MLS's business interests does not absolve anyone on the field from blame.




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Yea I agree that the vitriol towards those players is completely justified. I'm frankly embarassed for MB90. I've always thought he was a stand up guy and a solid professional, but between the USMNT and his Toronto nonsense, he's been a bit of a joke. 

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